About Brian

Just a little bit about me and what I do.

About Me

Welcome to Brian Crandall Art.  I have taken my farrier career to the next step by creating unique one of a kind artwork from my used horseshoes and files.  I enjoy creating unique horseshoe art pieces that are more than just “old shoes”.  The majority of my horseshoe artwork involves reshaping the shoes to create flowing metal sculptures.  Many pieces including wine holders, vases, and candelabras require unique balancing of the art while creating practical usage of the old horseshoes.  I also utilize worn out files and nails to add subtleties to my horseshoe artwork.

I collect these old horseshoes from my clients as they have traversed the show trail throughout the country as well as natural trails in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.  Many of these trails in our region were traveled by the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Kit Carson, Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, Doc Holiday, and Chief Ouray.

Please enjoy and if I can create a unique one of a kind horseshoe artwork for you, please let me know.  I always enjoy working with clients to ensure their satisfaction.

Newspaper Articles

I have been fortunate enough to be interviewed by the Daily Sentinel Newspaper of Grand Junction recently. I teach four classes on horse foot care as well as a history of horseshoeing. I was interviewed in late fall for the article. This article talked of the debate between shoeing and barefoot hoof care methods that I detail in the history of horseshoeing class.

The most recent article (March 8, 2015) profiles myself as a farrier and artist. The interview describes the daily horse work I do and how it has developed into the artistic phase of my life.

I am also President of the Colorado Plateau Horsemen’s Hall of Fame. We will be holding our first induction ceremony this year during the Mesa County Fair in July.

My art on display

While you can purchase my art through my website, you can also find many of the pieces on display throughout western Colorado and Eastern Utah. A gorgeous trip along the Colorado River from Colorado will lead you into Castle Valley, Utah and home to Sorrel River Ranch Resort. One of my favorite places to visit and work. Another great resort is the Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colorado. Another gorgeous drive to a quiet secluded world class resort. Venturing further south from Gateway, is the small picturesque mountain town of Ouray, Colorado, named after the Ute Indian Chief. Along the quant main street, you will find Silver Linings Gift Shop.

My partners



I use Rust-Oleum products to seal my work and have begun a partnership with them.

Trust the leader in rust protection to keep your projects looking good as new. Whether you want fresh, durable finishes or serious help with rusty metals, you’ll find it with Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® brand.